Midnight Short-Fill Flavor (60ml)

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Vape Juice Short-Fill:
Contains the equivalent of 60ml of finished Vape Juice.

This product will ship 2 weeks after ordering.

Each Regular Nicotine Short-Fill Flavor Will Come With One 60ml Unflavored Nicotine Short-Fill Bottle, With One 30ml Flavor Shot In Your Requested Nicotine

NOTE: Nic Salts come with 2x 30ml Base Instead of 1x 60ml Base

Midnight from the Skull and Bones vape line is named appropriately, if you ask me. It's rich blueberry and cream flavor is perfect for those midnight cravings. A satisfying blend you'll be able to enjoy from morning to night!


  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Sweet Cream


Made in Clearwater, FL USA