Banana Cream Pie Short-Fill Flavor (60ml)

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Vape Juice Short-Fill:
Contains the equivalent of 60ml of finished Vape Juice.

This product will ship 2 weeks after ordering.

Each Regular Nicotine Short-Fill Flavor Will Come With One 60ml Unflavored Nicotine Short-Fill Bottle, With One 30ml Flavor Shot In Your Requested Nicotine

NOTE: Nic Salts come with 2x 30ml Base Instead of 1x 60ml Base

If heaven was a flavor, it'd be Banana Cream Pie! Fresh banana mixed with a smooth, bavarian cream and hint of decadent graham cracker pie crust. It really is the perfect amount of sweet. This vape juice from Lizard Juice is an extremely smooth and mouth watering flavor you'll love!


  • Fresh Cut Banana
  • Bavarian Cream
  • Graham Cracker Crust


Made in Clearwater, FL USA