150 Watt Short-Fill Flavor (60ml)

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Vape Juice Short-Fill:
Contains the equivalent of 60ml of finished Vape Juice.

This product will ship 2 weeks after ordering.

Each Regular Nicotine Short-Fill Flavor Will Come With One 60ml Unflavored Nicotine Short-Fill Bottle, With One 30ml Flavor Shot In Your Requested Nicotine

NOTE: Nic Salts come with 2x 30ml Base Instead of 1x 60ml Base

Cool down with this perfect blend of waterberry and peach with a splash of cool mint. A smooth, cool flavor that will keep you wondering where it's been all your life. This electrified vape juice is just as refreshing as you'd expect from the Watt line.


  • Mouth Watering Waterberry
  • Fresh Peach
  • Splash of Cool Mint

Made in Clearwater, FL USA